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Benji Carey-Smith is a theology student at The Shepherds Bible College in Hastings. He currently belongs to Onekawa Bible Church, and since moving from Dunedin has continued to be actively involved as a musician and worship leader. For Benji, music is an amazing gift from God, and a powerful way for the Church to express worship to it’s heavenly Father.

Born in Dunedin, and growing up with regular time in the mountainous & dry Central Otago landscape, Benji has a passion for adventure and a desire to give every part of himself in service to God. His grew in his gifts in music while part of Flagstaff Community Church in Dunedin, and learned to trust the Lord through involvement in many ministry situations.

Getting his musical start as a cellist before moving to piano, Benji soon tried his hand as a songwriter – and his church family saw firsthand that the songs just seemed to keep coming! Making an EP in late 2010 gave him a taste for the excitement of recording, and a sense of the power and potential of a recorded song. As more songs were birthed, he felt that it was time to make an album; and he has committed wholeheartedly to this project since then.

With the release of the To Him Be The Glory album, Benji is excited to share his music with the Church in New Zealand and beyond. His songs were written to help congregations sing and declare praises to God for who He is and what He’s achieved for us through Christ. Benji’s passion is to provide opportunity for God’s Word to be communicated to local churches. As part of the release, Benji has developed extensive resources including song stories, chord and melody charts and lyrics sheets.

Benji’s music is similar to Matt Redman, Brenton Brown and Malcolm Gordon. May Christ be the glorified through the music and ongoing direction of this project!





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