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Recording Done for New Album

Posted on by benji

Recording for new album 'Gathering' by Benji Carey-Smith, released 2016

Recording for new album ‘Gathering’ by Benji Carey-Smith, released 2016

I’ve been down in the southern city of Dunedin (my hometown) for two weeks, practicing and recording the songs for a new album of congregational church songs that will be released next year. It was an amazing time which exceeded my expectations, and I’m so excited about how the songs are sounding!

God’s Provision

We had a lot of people praying for us during the time and it showed! Here are just some of the awesome answers to prayer we saw:

We had space available to practice in during the week before recording.

The place we ended up being in to record was perfect. We had the big room for 4 days to use as much as we wanted and the acoustics and setting were brilliant. It was at the back of a building also which meant no traffic or city noise which had been a large potential concern.

The place we hired ended up being at least four times cheaper than a studio! And it worked out far better as we had it for the whole days which meant we could be more relaxed and take breaks as we pleased.

The weather was good almost the whole week (rain would have majorly disrupted our recording with the noise falling on the roof). We did had some friendly birds who added some nice harmonies to the mix!

We were able to freely borrow a keyboard which ended up working perfectly for practice and recording.

So praise God for His hand on everything and how well the recording went! Looking forward to sharing these songs with you next year – and I hope they can not only be an encouragement and blessing for you, but also for your church fellowship!


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