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‘To Him Be The Glory’ Project

Perhaps you’re wondering…. Wondering what the motivation and reason was for this album. I thought it would be good to share with you the heart behind producing these songs. Here is the chief purpose of the project:
….. to provide opportunity for God’s Word to be communicated to local churches in New Zealand and that God would be blessed and glorified through songs that are right and fitting for this purpose.

Before I started recording the songs, I also sat down and wrote a vision for the project in simple and succinct words. This is the means by which the above purpose is fulfilled. Here it is:
….. to produce and offer songs of worship for the wider body of Christ in New Zealand, that have God-centered/glorifying, and Scripturally-based lyrics, are quality songs, and yet are accessible enough for all variety of different local churches to learn, teach, and use in a congregational setting.


If you would like Benji to come and serve your church in some way with his music, feel free to contact him using the contact page on this site. He’d be more than willing to come and encourage your people in whatever setting would be useful, including concerts, leading services, workshops about worship etc (general or for musicians), sharing music with house groups etc (sometimes other musicians could accompany him also).

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