Gathering Will Go Ahead!

Posted on by benji


Exciting news.

Last post I talked about an online project where I was trying to get people involved and contributing towards a new album ‘Gathering’ I’d hoped to make this year made up of new congregational songs I’ve written.

It had to reach the target of $5000 for to successfully fund the project – and guess what, it did! In the last few days a few unexpected contributions bumped it up above the target. This means that the album production can go ahead later this year… very exciting!


This will cover a fair chunk of the costs – but if you still would like to contribute you are welcome (as much or little as you like) – and I’ll apply the same rewards that were on the pledging site (see here).

Just email me at if you’re keen (even to help by praying) and we’ll sort it from there. It’s all part of gathering a community of people to be a part of this – and benefit from the music that is produced!

Thanks to all those who have contributed and prayed!

Will you be part of the gathering?


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